The daily progress of my internship at V2 for the project Closer.

Day 23


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Digesting the new information of emotions and personality traits I started to play around with the game system. I did this through small pieces paper that represented the fragments.

After playing around I realized it was getting complicated and I was losing a connection. The next step was to stop and document what I had and show it to my colleagues, the next day.

In my note book I wrote a small experiment to find out how people thought and would react to a fragment that would represent some kind of emotion.

Day 22


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Today I have been working on organizing my research in a form of a power point. It is not finished but it shows the essentials of information that went in to the concept.

Trough the thought recreating a Dutch mythology the idea came of having fragments that together creates this powerful avatar.

Each player will get a goal to complete and use the skills of the avatar to somehow fulfill the goal. To get an idea of to what kind of form these fragments should take, I did some research on human emotions and personality traits.

I also created a rough idea of how the game play would be between the fragments.

Day 21


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We gathered in the morning to create a general plan. Then we have to make our own milestones on similar dates. This because each of us is focusing on different directions. For me that means starting step off the conceptional and start trying things out.

Before I did that the planning had to be made and I had to make a clear over view on the information I have gathered. This, I did with a power point presentation and wrote down what was relevant.

Then I started to prepare for tomorrow to get started with game play testing. Printing many personality traits and making cards.


25 March, Thursday

Presenting results
Template documentation
Game play system tested

29 March, Monday

Review Results of 25 march

1 April, Thursday
Presenting results
Game play system tested
Fragments format

5 April, Monday (2nd easter day)

6 April, Tuesday

Review Results of 6 april

8 April, Thursday

Preparing presentation to all

12 April, Monday

Presentation all

15 April, Thursday

Deadline of the whole thing

Day 20 - ICT Delta


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The day started by going in the conference and look at the program of ICT Delta. Looking trough the list we noticed here and there few presentations we would like to see. There also plenty of demo stands to check out.

Around 14.00 we had our discussion table. At first I was happy that there so many people but perhaps there were a bit to many. There were some interesting things mentioned but I also think that we should have approached it at a different way. Perhaps with a bit more of concrete examples and then guide the conversation more to the conceptional theory behind it, visuals would also have helpt. Non the less it was a good process to go trough.

At the end of the day we had a short meeting. Here we decided on that on Monday we would make a plan on how the rest of time would be spend. Divide some work and have more concrete deadlines to complete.

I am also going to think in the lines of small experiments to try out.

Day 19 - Happy B Day


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Today (17th of march) is my birthday so it was a relaxing day.
After our meeting we eat some pancakes (made by Shauna and Connie) and the chocolate cupcakes, I baked.

The meeting was about what we were going to do for the discussion and getting things in order.

Day 18


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Tomorrow we have a discussion table at the ICT Delta convention. We took the time to figure out what we were going to with this “discussion table”. Also we presented our research to Jan and had a small conversation about the material and what we are going to discus at the ICT Delta.

Here is our invitation:

PROJECT CLOSER | Round-table Discussion | March 18th, 14.00-15.00

Audiovisual cultural heritage collections nowadays are becoming accessible on a large scale through digital networks. Innovative ways of presentation and interaction can create an added value in disclosing these archives to the audience. CLOSER is a multidisciplinary research project, initiated by V2_ and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

There is a gap between the use and the potential in the archive. As more archives move towards digitalization, questions for archivists surround increased accessibility and the meaning of future archival practice. Simultaneously artists are using the archive to critique systems of power, history, memory, and identity. In CLOSER we are exploring the territory between these two perspectives in hopes of making archival use a more meaningful experience. In this round-table discussion we start a dialogue between artists, theoreticians, archivists, and ICT practitioners about:

Building a bridge between the concerns of institutional archives and artistic critique in a way that empowers the individual.

The discussion will take place on 18 March, 2010 at ICT Delta conference in Rotterdam, from 14.00 to 15.00. Registration is free on the website.

Information on our discussion table can be found at:

The CLOS(AR) project blog:

Please respond to if you are able to join the discussion. Thanks and we look forward to talking with you!

All the best,
CLOS(AR) team

Day 17


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We presented our research in some slides to give a view on what we discovered.
Here are my slides:

For the rest of the week we are preparing for the discussion table at the ICT convention in Rotterdam.